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Fuzhou ChuangAn Optics Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of high-quality lenses in China. Our latest product innovation is the 1.7mm Lens, designed to cater to the modern needs of security surveillance systems. The 1.7mm Lens is a wide-angle lens that offers a 182-degree field of view, making it perfect for capturing large areas and monitoring blind spots. With its superior optical design, the 1.7mm Lens delivers clear and detailed images, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed. This lens is made using high-grade materials, ensuring its ruggedness and durability. It is perfect for use in outdoor environments, and it is dustproof and waterproof. The 1.7mm Lens is easy to install and can be customized based on your requirements. Choose Fuzhou ChuangAn Optics Co., Ltd. for high-quality 1.7mm Lenses that are reliable, durable, and affordable.
  • Introducing our latest product that boasts a top-of-the-line 1.7mm lens. With this revolutionary lens, you are guaranteed to capture every detail and every moment with clarity and precision. This lens offers a wide-angle view that significantly enhances the camera's field of vision, ensuring that you never miss a moment. The 1.7mm lens is perfect for those who like to capture panoramic views or photographers who specialize in capturing architecture, interiors, or landscapes. It's also an excellent tool for capturing action shots or recording live events – the lens captures the entire scene, providing a unique perspective that immerses the viewer in the action. The lens is designed with the latest technology to ensure that the images captured are sharp, vibrant, and true to life. It can handle challenging lighting conditions, reducing distortion, chromatic aberration, and other aberrations that can ruin an image's quality. Our 1.7mm lens is compatible with a wide range of cameras, making it an ideal accessory for anyone looking to upgrade their photography equipment. Whether you're a professional photographer or just starting, the 1.7mm lens is a must-have in your toolkit. In conclusion, the 1.7mm lens is a game-changer in the world of photography. It offers exceptional performance, unparalleled image quality, and versatility that can take your photography to the next level. Get your hands on one today to experience the difference for yourself!
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