Laser Lenses

  • Low Distortion Narrow view angle Lens
  • Up to 10MP Mega Pixels
  • Up to 1'', M12, C, 1-32 UNF Mount Lens
  • 50mm, 70mm, 75mm Focal Length
  • Up to 9.8 Degrees HFoV

Products Details

A laser lens is a lens that is designed to focus or shape laser beams. Laser beams are composed of highly concentrated and coherent light, and they require lenses that can handle high levels of intensity without getting damaged. Laser lenses are typically made from materials such as glass, quartz, or plastic, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the specific application. The primary function of a laser lens is to focus the laser beam to a specific point or area, which can be important for tasks such as cutting or engraving materials, or for scientific applications like spectroscopy. Laser lenses can also be used to shape the beam into a particular pattern, such as a line or a ring. It is important to choose the right type of laser lens for a particular application, taking into consideration factors such as the wavelength of the laser, the power of the laser, and the desired outcome. Using the wrong type of lens can result in poor performance, damage to the lens, or even injury to the user.

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