All glass optics M12 wide angle lenses with short TTL for vehicle front view

  • Wide angle lens for automotive front view
  • 5-16 Mega Pixels
  • Up to 1/2’’, M12 Mount Lens
  • 2.0mm to 3.57mm Focal Length
  • 108 to 129 Degrees HFoV

Products Details

Front view camera lenses are a series of wide angle lenses capturing around 110 degrees horizontal field of view. They features all glass design. Each of them consists of several precise glass optics mounted in a aluminum housing. Compare to plastic optics and housing, glass optics lenses are more heat resistant. Just as its name shows, these lenses are targeted for vehicle front view cameras. A car forward-facing camera lens is a camera lens that is positioned on the front of a vehicle, typically near the rear-view mirror or on the dashboard, and is designed to capture images or videos of the road ahead. This type of camera is commonly used for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and safety features such as lane departure warning, collision detection, and automatic emergency braking. Car forward-facing camera lenses are typically equipped with advanced features such as wide-angle lenses, night vision capabilities, and high-resolution sensors to ensure that drivers can capture clear and detailed images and videos of the road ahead, even in low-light conditions. Some advanced models may also include additional features such as object recognition, traffic sign recognition, and pedestrian detection to provide drivers with even more information and assistance on the road. A tiny panoramic camera, on the front of the vehicle, relays a split-screen image to your car’s multi-function display so you can see vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians coming from either side. This Front Wide-View Camera is invaluable if you’re edging out of a narrow parking space, or on to a busy road where your view is obstructed.

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