1/2.5" Series Wide Angle Lenses

  • Wide angle Lens for 1/2.5’’ Image Sensor
  • Up to 12 Mega Pixels
  • M8/M12 Mount
  • 2.66mm to 3.65mm Focal Length
  • 100 to 136 Degrees HFoV

Products Details

1/2.5″Wide Angle Lens is made for 1/2.5’’ inch or smaller size image sensor such as IMX274, OV4689. The OV4689 is a high performance 4-megapixel CameraChip™ sensor in a native 16:9 format designed for next-generation surveillance and security systems. The 1/3-inch OV4689 can capture full-resolution 4-megapixel high definition (HD) video at 90 frames per second (fps), 1080p HD at 120 fps, and binned 720p HD at 180 fps. The sensor’s high frame rates enable crisp, clean image and video capture of fast moving objects. When working with a OV4698 sensor, CH1303 captures a 109 degrees HFoV, while CH3589 captures a 136 degree one.  These lenses feature all glass design and low cost. Some of them are IP69 rated for water and dust resistance. They are excellent for applications in security & surveillance. In combination with a security camera or surveillance camera, these lenses act as a CCTV lens to help users observe an area from a distance for protecting or intelligence gathering.

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